Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Talk to Real Raytowners

Extravagance is a mainstay at Raytown City Hall.

Take for example the idea of funding a nearly $10,000 survey to find out what Raytowners think of their community --- its needs, faults and good points.

Aldermen Jim Aziere and Greg Walters want to make sure there is an adequate response to this random survey.

Aziere suggests giving it only to people who vote in city elections.

Surely Aziere's years in education resulted --- somewhere along the line --- in a research class and what the word "random" means!

Walters wants to see the survey given to people known to be interested in Raytown.

Would those be people who share his views or those of the Raytown Reaching for Tomorrow group?

Bottom line: Random means random.

Example: Every sixth resident should be given the survey to insure it is random.

Typically such surveys garner only a 5 to 7 percent response.

So extravagant Raytown City Hall folks can waste another $10,000 that could have resulted in better ice and snow removal from streets a month ago!

Want a better plan?

Take a couple of hundred dollars and go visit with Real Raytowners.

Stop at local churches and offer anyone $5 for the collection plate if that person will give you a five to 10-minute review of his/her thoughts on Raytown.

Or go to the Raytown bars and offer to buy anyone a drink, who will spend a few minutes telling you his/her view of Raytown.

That would be pretty scary for city officials and personnel --- having to listen to Real Raytowners!!!